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World War I Service Members

2014 was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.  Although the United States did not send troops until 1917, we still commemorate the actions taken to stop the aggression of Germany.  To that end the OCHS is compiling information about the citizens of Oconto County who served in the military during World War I.

The project began with the cemetery records gathered by the Oconto County Genealogical Society.  They have transcribed all the cemeteries in the county, the last one being completed in 2005.  They are currently photographing all the stones, updating the records as they go.  A member of OCGS, Vern Mortier, was able to verify the service records of those buried in Oconto County, which is included in the OCGS database.  That can be found on the OCGS website.

With the OCGS records as a beginning, various other resources were used to supplement the database.  It has been greatly updated thanks especially to the Gillett American Legion.  There are currently 1078 veterans listed.  The spreadsheet showing the information to date can be accessed through the link below.  We ask that you look at what we have and let us know any additional information that should be included, or any corrections that need to be made.


 World War I Service Members