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There are several sites online now that have historic videos of Oconto County or videos produced about various historic aspects of Oconto County.  More are expected to be posted, especially on the Oconto County History YouTube site.


Oconto County History YouTube

Managed by Jay Merline

Started in 2015 by Jay Merline to post old movies of Oconto County.

Currently has 18 videos


City of Oconto: Oconto History Videos

Sponsored by the City of Oconto from the Oconto Area Chamber of Commerce

Videos of Oconto History on the Bay and Copperfest Parades

There are 12 videos


Oconto County, Wisconsin: History on the Bay

Sponsored by Oconto County

These videos were developed and produced by Oconto’s Promise.  Each video is tied to a physical location in Oconto.

There are 12 videos


Oconto County Video Gallery

Sponsored by the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation

A variety of short videos.  Some are on fishing, some on timber, some on recreation.  The historical videos were produced by Oconto’s Promise.

Currently has 33 videos, 6 of which are historical


Machine Shed Memories

Managed by Leon Janssen

This site developed from the Couillardville neighborhood gatherings.  Leon Janssen started collecting memories, pictures, and interviews to document the life of a farming community.

Currently has 7 videos